Lady Rabia’s Cayman-centered cartoon art bridging the cultural gap


Caymanian culture is in the spotlight in the United Kingdom. Author and storyteller, Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim, was invited to display her Cayman-centric cartoon art series “New Heroes Wanted” at the Stratford Arts House in Stratford Upon Avon in the UK, Cayman 27 reports.
She says what makes the work unique is that the images highlight Caymanian heritage, and they are sparking a different kind of interest in our islands.

“The brands that we are creating, which are on exhibit, are actually promoting positive inter-cultural relations and improving inter-cultural understanding. So that’s why this is so important. And currently we are the only people; this company Contessa Black Entertainment, that is really pioneering this right now. Not just for Cayman Islands, but possibly for all of the Caribbean islands at present,” she said.

Lady Rabia’s illustrations will be on display until Monday 2 March.

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