ICS Lecture: “Oceans and Islands—Latitudinal Thinking and the Archipelagic Americas”


As part of its Conferencias Caribeñas 16, the Institute of Caribbean Studies of the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP), invites the academic community and the general public to the lecture: “Oceans and Islands: Latitudinal Thinking and the Archipelagic Americas” by  Dr. Michelle A. Stephens (Departments of English & Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University).

The lecture will take place on Thursday, February 26, from 1:00 to 3:30pm at the Manuel Maldonado Denis Amphitheatre (CRA 108) of the Carmen Rivera de Alvarado Building, School of Social Sciences, UPR-RP.

Description: A new American studies has emerged under the signs of the transnational and the hemispheric, opposed to insular models of the US nation-state. This has allowed for a broader conversation with Latin American Studies, and comparative frameworks for studying the trans-Americas. And yet, even as the new American studies and trans-Americas studies have been striving to be more expansive, their defining terms remain organized by a legacy of continental exceptionalism and a dismissive framing of island-space. In this talk, Dr. Stephens will explore what it would mean to turn the Americas on its side, to focus on the various equatorial archipelagoes affiliated with an American space viewed from its east-west rather than north-south axis.

This lecture will be broadcast LIVE online via the UPR-Rio Piedras web site at http://uprrp.edu

For comments and suggestions on this presentation, feel free to write to ICS director Dr. Lowell Fiet at: iec.ics@upr.edu

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[Above: photo of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico by Ivette Romero.]

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