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I was most amused by finding one of my books as an erotic recommendation in an article from Latina.com. It was doubly amusing as it was a student who alerted me to the recommendation. 

In Latina.com, TANISHA RAMIREZ offers her recommendations for Best Latino Erotica and includes Pleasure and the Word, and anthology of erotic literature by Latin American women I translated and edited with by very good friend Margarite Fernández Olmos some time back. Ramires writes:

The success of Chilean-British author E.L. James’ erotic trilogy 50 Shades of Grey has paved the way for the second coming of erotic fiction. It used to be that such novels were kept hidden under pillows, in underwear drawers, and atop hard-to-reach bookshelves, but these days, women (and men!) are brazenly consuming erotic fiction wherever and whenever they desire!

As a result of the steamy genre’s growing popularity, a mix of seasoned and novice authors have joined the erotic book club, giving readers a variety of characters to get lost between the pages with.

Of Pleasure and the Word she has this to say:

Pleasure In The Word: Erotic Writing by Latin American Women, edited by Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert and Margarite Fernandez Olmos

This collection of erotic stories, essays and poems brings together some of the most talented Latina authors of all time, weaving together their tales of love, lust, romance and sexuality.

Domincan-American author Julia Alvarez described Pleasure in the Word as:

“An important chorus of our south of the border sisters for us Latinas to hear… Here we have much knowing and glorying from Argentina to Brazil to my own Dominican Republic — toes to waist to breasts of the hemisphere!”

Need we say more?

Here are 8 Latina erotica books that are sure to set your heart racing! Just click on this link:


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