CayFest: Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts



Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts

February 26-28, 2015

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

Cayfest, The Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts, is Cayman’s finest showcase of local talent. With an eclectic mix of visual arts, music, theatre, film, fashion design, and cultural discussions, this festival has an emphasis on local arts and culture. At the same time the festival stimulates and inspires local artists by including a diverse range of participants.

Some highlights of the Festival include films from the ever-popular Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase (TCFS), Café Cayman, traditional music from the CI Folk Singers and the work of countless other local artists and arts organisations!

National Arts & Culture Awards Announced • February 26th 

The National Arts and Culture Awards recognise those who attain a level of merit in their artistic discipline, contribute to the arts, culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands and support the work of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. If you would like to make a nomination please get in touch with CNCF by emailing or by calling (345) 949 5477. Click here for more information.

Dress for Culture Day • February 27th REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Thank you to everyone who joined CNCF in 2014 to celebrate Cayman’s cultural tapestry by dressing up in your country colours or national dress. Dress for Culture Day is a country-wide event and donations raised go directly to CNCF youth and cultural programming. If your organisations would like to take part in this year’s Dress for Culture Day, complete the relevant registration form or email or call us on (345) 949 5477 for details.

“We must realise that we are more alike than different in our various cultural expressions and by working together we can have a more significant impact on our development as human beings. Setting aside one day specifically to showcase our national dress, food or other memorabilia, is a good start to the weaving of our cultural tapestry.” – Lorna Bush, CNCF

‘Red Sky at Night’ festival • February 28th  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

The event is an enchanting evening, rich in arts and culture. Walking through the garden, visitors will be treated to live performances from dancers, actors and storytellers as well as creative work by local visual artists and crafts people. Celebrated films from around the Caribbean and inspiring performances will be featured within the festival theatres. Visitors will be escorted by the sounds of the steel pan, fiddle and drums and lured by a mouthwatering array of local culinary delicacies. For all the reasons we love arts and culture in the Cayman Islands! Email or call us on (345) 949-5477 for details.

For more information go to

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