III International Festival of Bolero Held in Nicaragua


The III International Festival of Bolero gathered Latin American and Caribbean artists in Managua, who delighted Nicaraguans and representatives of other nations in the region.

With a concert in the theater Ruben Dario, interpreters from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras and the host country, paid tribute to the Nicaraguan singer Marina Cárdenas, to whom the event was dedicated.

Known as the “Gordita de Oro,” Cárdenas, who passed away in late October, is regarded as one of the most representative voices of this nation.

The artists highlighted her talent and efforts to promote the bolero and preserve its richness as a musical genre.

During the gala, Mexico’s ambassador to Nicaragua, Rodrigo Labardini, who just completed his mission in this Central American country, was recognized.

The itinerant festival -which started last Wednesday- will run until Sunday and will be in several cities including Masaya, Granada, Matagalpa, Juigalpa and León.

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