The Ten Best Art Galleries in the Caribbean


The Culture Trip (Caribbean section) identifies what it considers to be the ten best art galleries in the Caribbean. Go to link below to get a description of each gallery.

The article lists the following: Art At The Ridge (Antigua), Tides Art Gallery (Barbados), Galerie Monnin (Haiti), Mutual Gallery and NLS (Jamaica), OBRA Galería (Puerto Rico), The Inner Gallery (St. Lucia), Bajo El Sol Art Gallery (St. John, USVI), Gallery St Thomas (St Thomas, USVI), and Avistamientos Gallery (Cuba).

The Culture Trip says: “Having been an attractive destination for many throughout history, the Caribbean’s diverse art reflects the mix of European immigrants that have inhabited the region, blending their respective traditions with those of the Caribbean isles. Here we take a look at ten of the region’s best art galleries alongside a number of exciting upcoming and successful past exhibitions.”

[Image above: “Isla ausencia” by Yoan Capote, Avistamientos Gallery,]

For full descriptions, see

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