In Trench Town, Bob Marley Gets New Statue

bobUntitledAs a follow-up to my co-blogger’s previous posts Happy Birthday, Bob Marley! and Happy Birthday, Bob Marley! I wanted to add this item, “Bob Gets New Statue for 70th Birthday.” Anastasia Cunningham (The Gleaner) writes about Scheed Cole’s new life-size sculpture of reggae icon Bob Marley that was unveiled yesterday, February 8, 2015, in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica (along with a flurry of related activities):

Under the Agency for Inner-City Renewal, the $10.2-million project to renovate the Trench Town Culture Yard tourist attraction, a new Bob Marley statue was commissioned (sculpted by Scheed Cole), as well as directional signs and storyboards. Additionally, rehabilitation and emergency electrical work has been done at the facility where Marley lived during his teen years.

The old statue, which came from the Bob Marley Museum and was set up in the yard in 2004, will be renovated and erected at the park on First Street in Trench Town where Bob Marley used to play. The unveiling of the new statue and renovated Cultural Yard takes place this Sunday as part of a grand 70th birthday celebration, which begins today at the Bob Marley Museum in St Andrew.

Following Sunday’s unveiling, there will be a flurry of activities under the banner ‘The Spiritual Trod of Bob Marley’, which will include a symposium, serving of Bob’s favourite cornmeal porridge, and an outside broadcast. In the evening, there will be an international event at Boys’ Town, featuring a host of artistes.

scheed_cole_article~s200x200Scheed Cole is a sculptor, sculptural design engineer and CEO of Scheed International Group of Companies, which specializes in transforming interior and exterior spaces through landscaping, structural branding, redevelopments and restorations, construction and architectural services. Wearing many hats, he is also an art educator, inventor, painter, ceramist, graphic artist, interior decorator, set designer, video editor, and animator.

For full article, see

For more on Scheed Cole, see–sculptural-design-engineer_16161861, and

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