“Classroom under Sail”—aboard the Thor Heyerdahl—arrives in Cuba

schiff2After several months of travel, the 36 crew members of the German three-mast topsail schooner Thor Heyerdahl arrived in Pinar del Río, Cuba, where they will remain until Wednesday. The vessel is the floating campus of Classroom under Sail.

According to Sergio Abreu Hernandez, a delegate of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP by its Spanish acronym), the crew will take a bicycle tour through various points of Pinar del Rio, to become familiar with the country’s reality and report on it in their hometowns.

He explained that, at the Frederick Engels Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences, the 34 German students will mix with students and teachers at the centre, in addition to participating in a comprehensive sports and cultural program; they will also donate their bikes after concluding their stay.

Hernandez added that the students will visit sites of economic and social interest in the town of Viñales, including a cooperative, where they will learn about the characteristics of the tobacco crop, a hallmark of Pinar del Río.

Meanwhile, Ruth Merk, director of the Classroom under Sail project on the vessel, said they aim to contribute to the training of young people in the midst of a complex and globalized world, to which they aspire to develop their sense of responsibility and initiative. She also referred to the routine on the ship, in which they combine study with work for six months, in order to strengthen the relationship between them.

After completing their tour of Pinar del Río, the students will leave for Havana and then in small groups, will go to Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-‘Classroom-under-Sail’-arrives-in-Cuba-24735.html

One thought on ““Classroom under Sail”—aboard the Thor Heyerdahl—arrives in Cuba

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