New Issue of Gradhiva by Guest Editor Carlo A. Célius


Many thanks to Thomas Spear (Lehman College) for sharing news about the new issue of Gradhiva, guest edited by art historian Carlo A. Célius. Founded in 1986 by Michel Leiris and Jean Jamin, Gradhiva is published by the Quai Branly Museum for its new series.

Description: Dedicated to the transformation of the visual arts in Haiti, from the 1930s and 1940s to the present, this issue of Gradhiva focuses on two moments of particularly significant reconfiguration: the one that began from the 1930s to the 50s and the period spanning from 1980 to 1990, showing how the creators are work and rework stabilized forms while at the same time inventing new ones and exploring the previously untapped possibilities of materials and techniques. The contributions collected in this issue specifically explore two major interconnected themes: firstly the “creative process” (creativity, knowledge, memories); and second, the institutional dynamics (art centers, markets, museums, international exhibitions).

Articles include: “La peinture naïve d’inspiration chrétienne. Discours, héritages, representations” (Danielle Bégot), “La diaspora en dialogue: James A. Porter et Loïs Mailou Jones Pierre-Noël, ou comment écrire l’histoire de l’art haïtien” (Lindsay J. Twa), “Tina Girouard et l’art des sequins d’Haïti” (LeGrace Benson), “Quelques aspects de la nouvelle scène artistique d’Haïti” (Carlo A. Célius), “Trois capitaines pour un empereur! Histoires de bizango” (Catherine Benoît and André Delpuech), “’La magie de l’authenticité’: Deux décennies d’exposition et d’étude de l’art haïtien aux États-Unis et en Grande-Bretagne” (Edward J. Sullivan), and “Par-delà le structuralisme : Maurice Godelier, lecteur matérialiste de Claude Lévi-Strauss” (Laurent Berger).

Carlo A. Célius is a researcher in history and art history, affiliated to CELAT – Inter-University Centre for Studies in letters, arts and traditions, Laval University, Quebec and CIRESC – International Center for Research on Slavery EHESS / CNRS, Paris. He is a specialist in Haiti, where he wrote and coordinated many books.

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