Drumming: Mayagüez Plena Workshop – Taller de Plena Mayagüezana


The Loisaida Center is sponsoring the Mayagüez Plena Workshop [Taller de Plena Mayagüezana] starting this Saturday. The workshop runs from February 7 through March 28, 2015, every Saturday at 12:00pm. These classes are held at The Loisaida Center on the Lower East Side—9th Street and Avenue C—in New York, New York.

Description: The plena is plena wherever it is played, however as-some-of-us-know each region of Puerto Rico brings a distinctive flavor to the genre. This workshop will focus on studying the particularities of plena as they come to us from Mayagüez. In general, plena is alive and well, healthy and as popular as ever, and this includes the plena style of Mayagüez. Our workshop will focus on the study of characteristics that have been relegated over time. It will be a technical workshop, with emphasis on percussive execution, historic and idiosyncratic aspects of Mayagüez plena as well as the region it comes from.

This workshop will be a great follow-up to the amazing plena workshop done just over three months ago by the master percussionist Tito Matos. This time the workshops will be taught by Ricky Santiago, an expert and scholar of this particular style of plena rhythm.

For tickets please click here.
For more information and to explore other offers available please email info@loisaida.org.

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