Surfing: Solid Caribbean Swell Kicks off February


I guess the weather conditions that have kept us snowbound all day today in New York are beneficial to others not too far from here. As Surfwire reports, “the frontal system that impacted the US East Coast end of last week and over the weekend is delivering a solid to large NNW/N swell to the Caribbean over the first part of the new week.” I should have posted this earlier today, as the post announces very good condition for surfing today in Puerto Rico and the western Caribbean (with waves from 6-10 feet high), but the same goes for tomorrow, so my friends at Rincón will be having fun tomorrow morning. (In the meantime, I’ll be scraping the ice off my windshield). It seems like February promises to be a good month for surfers:

Puerto Rico woke to building swell on Monday morning with surf in the well overhead to double overhead range at exposed breaks with very good conditions for select spots. The initial NNW mid period pulse will be reinforced through the day by a stronger, longer period and more northerly swell pulse that builds for the afternoon. The swell is expected to peak over the PM hours with top exposed breaks seeing sets that could top double overhead with standouts pushing even larger as the swell peaks.

Strong trade winds over the western Caribbean will relax from west to east early week as high pressure pushes east.  Residual trade windswell will still be an issue at the more exposed breaks on Monday with light and favorable winds expected on Tuesday, setting up good to very good conditions for many as the swell tapers down. There will still be plenty of surf in the water for PR on Tuesday with solid, well overhead sets lingering early at the better spots. Breaks in the eastern Caribbean will see a bit of a lag as swell peaks Tuesday and eases into midweek.

Tune into one of Surfline’s HD cams and reports for Rincon region of PR and check out the midday reports with an updated Short Term Forecast on what to expect for the remainder of the day. And don’t forget to read the Regional Forecast for PR later this afternoon to find out how big and how good tomorrow will be, plus what swells lie ahead for the rest of the week.

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