New Rules for “The Mall of San Juan” Mural Contest


Edwin Velázquez Collazo writes about new rules for The Mall of San Juan Mural Contest (entitled “Mi mural de San Juan”). According to Velázquez, the “My mural of San Juan” competition, hosted by The Mall of San Juan, has just added a prize of $5,000.00 for the winner plus changes to certain copyright rules, whereby the winning artist’s work will be protected. He says: “Once again we showed that when we join our voices as artists towards a common goal, we can achieve actions that help to gain respect and re-evaluate ourselves as cultural professionals in Puerto Rican society.” The call for submissions has a deadline of February 13, 2015 at 11:59pm. See more information below:

The contest invites local artists to submit an original work of art illustrating the theme “What San Juan means to me.” The winning artist will be invited to the Mall opening; the work will be reproduced and exhibited in this space on a billboard 30 feet wide by 14 feet high, for at least 60 days after the opening of The Mall of San Juan, to be held on March 26, 2015.

Marnie Marquina, director of marketing and sponsorship in The Mall of San Juan, explains: “We value our talented Puerto Rican artists and we are thrilled with the creativity we are already seeing. We hope to highlight the talent and the individual expression of our winner, and we believe that $5,000.00 in prizes will make the contest a very competitive one.” A panel of judges, including local art experts, will select the winning entry. The contest is open to legal residents of Puerto Rico over 18 years old.

For submission information and guidelines, see

For Edwin Velázquez Collazo’s blog post, see

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