Art Exhibition—“Drapetomanía: Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba”


“Drapetomanía: Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba,” curated by Alejandro de la Fuente, will celebrate its opening on January 29, 2015, at 6:00pm at Cooper Gallery, located at 102 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The exhibition will be open to the public on January 30, 2015, with a roundtable discussion with artists at 12:00 noon. It will be on view until May 29, 2015.

Description: A forgotten visual arts and cultural movement that thrived briefly between 1978 and 1983, Grupo Antillano articulated a vision of Cuban culture that privileged the importance of Africa and Afro-Caribbean influences in the formation of the Cuban nation. Their work continues beyond this original moment through today. This exhibition also includes the work of a younger generation of Cuban artists, inspired by and in conversation with Grupo Antillano. [Also see previous post Art Exhibition: Drapetomanía—Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba.]

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