USC: 20th Anniversary Exhibition and Tribute to Myrna Báez


The twentieth anniversary of the Art Gallery of the University of the Sacred Heart [Universidad del Sagrado Corazón] will be celebrated on Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 7:30pm. The gallery will host an exhibition celebrating two decades of uninterrupted programming committed to presenting the diversity of the best of Puerto Rican art.

The exhibition—dedicated to leading Puerto Rican artist Myrna Báez, professor, founder of the Fine Arts Program and resident artist at the University of the Sacred Heart—will present twenty works by emerging artists as well as seasoned masters of Puerto Rican visual arts.


The participating artists are: Carmen Inés Blondet, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Mariestella Colón-Astacio, Carmelo Fontánez Cortijo, Iván Girona, Marta Lahens, Nitza Luna, Connie Ann Martín, Antonio Martorell, Patrick McGrath Muñiz, Jason Mena, José Morales, Rigoberto Quintana, Rafael Rivera Rosa, Quintín Rivera Toro, Carmelo Sobrino, Eric Tabales, Rafael Trelles, Víctor Vázquez, and Omar Velázquez.

For full information, see

[Painting above: Myrna Báez’s “Entre dos mundos.” See ]

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