New Issue of Caribe Nuestro (#53)


The radio program Caribe Nuestro [Our Caribbean] celebrates January 24—the anniversary of the birth of Arturo A. Schomburg, considered by many to be the “father of black history”—with its 53rd edition. To learn more about this Puerto Rican thinker, Caribe Nuestro had a conversation with historian Juan Giusti.

Arturo A. Schomburg (1874-1938) was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, to María Josefa, a freeborn black midwife from St. Croix, and Carlos Federico Schomburg, a merchant of German heritage. Schomburg was educated at Puerto Rico’s Instituto Popular and at St. Thomas College in the Danish-ruled Virgin Islands, where he studied “Negro Literature.” One of his teachers claimed that blacks had no history, heroes or accomplishments. This patently-biased claim inspired Schomburg’s life-long quest to find the truth and to document the accomplishments of Afro-Latinos. In 1911 Schomburg co-founded with John Edward Bruce the Negro Society for Historical Accomplishments. Today, Schomburg’s collection of literature, artifacts, music, and art is housed in New York City at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a component of the New York’s Public Library system.

Caribe Nuestro #53 also includes the following podcasts:

Cuba and the US hold their first meeting as part of the restoration of diplomatic relations

US: Agricultural coalition created to demand immediate lifting of the blockade on Cuba

El Salvador: Commemorates 23 years of the signing of the peace accords that ended the Civil War

Guatemala: Those responsible for the killings at the Spanish Embassy are sentenced to 90 years

Puerto Rico: “Machetero” Norberto González Claudio arrives in San Juan after serving sentence in the US

Haiti: President Michel Martelly forms coalition government after resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in December. New prime minister is Evans Paul. Even so, street protests demanding the resignation of Martelly continue

St. Lucia: Agriculture begins recovery after the 2013 storm damages

Costa Rica: Business groups ask the government not to enter the Pacific Alliance

El Pirata: Embassy of Nicaragua is concerned about “lack of transparency” in the construction of the canal on Nicaraguan soil.

Music: Musical group Madera and their song “Misión Robinson,” in tribute to Leonela Relys, educator and creator of the Cuban literacy method “Yo sí puedo” [Yes, I can]. Using this method, more than 8 million people worldwide have learned to read and write.

On the cover: Interview with historian Juan Giusti about the life and legacy of Arturo Schomburg, father of black history

Caribe Nuestro transmitted by Radio del Sur in Venezuela, Radio Nauta in Argentina, Radio Canelones, and Radio La Gaviota in Uruguay, by “La Viglietti” on the web and Voz Exterior de Irán [Foreign Voice of Iran.]

Below, you can listen to and download the 53 edition of Caribe Nuestro:

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