Cuban Puppets at 2015 Literary Award Casa de Las Americas


Teatro de Las Estaciones (Theatre Seasons), one of the most outstanding Cuban puppeteerart groups, will be part of the cultural program of the 2015 Literary Award Casa de Las Americas with the work “The Unrepresentable Walk of Buster Keaton,” Prensa Latina reports.

The setting of the scene is inspired by a text from Spanish poet and playwriter Federico García Lorca, written in 1928 with a strong surreal accent, which won the Cuban Prix Villanueva of the Cuban theater critic at the best stage productions.

Performed by Ivan Garcia and Maria Laura Germán, the work has artistic direction of Rubén Darío Salazar, choreography of Yadiel Duran, dramatic counseling by Yudd Favier, graphic design by Johann Trujillo, and costume design and lighting by Zenén Calero.

Salazar, director of the group, forms the jury that will evaluate the books of literature for children and young people sent to this new edition of the prestigious award, which will be held from January 19 to 29 in Havana and Cienfuegos.

Salazar will be accompanied on the jury, by Cuban teacher Carucha Camejo and Argentine Javier Villafañe and Juan Enrique Acuña, considered the most famous trio in the work with dolls in the Americas and the world.

Based in the Pepe Camejo Room in this city, 100 kilometers east of the Cuban capital, Theatre Stations fulfilled last year its first two decades of life and participated in the Latin American Festival of Children’s Theatre in Mexico. It also attended the 7th International Festival of Puppets art in the Uruguayan city of Maldonado by second consecutive year.

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