Cuba Marks the 56th Edition of the Casa de las Americas Literary Award


Casa de las Americas Literary Prize –created in 1960– chose the city of Cienfuegos as its host for the 14th consecutive occasion, for the works of its jury, said expert Juan Mesa to Prensa Latina.

In Cienfuegos, the 22 intellectuals coming from 12 Latin American countries, plus Spain and France, will read more than 650 original works competing for the 2015 prize, in the 56th edition of the event, from January 16 to 22.

Local Jagua Hotel will be venue for the reading of the works, and besides, the members of the jury will take part in a collateral program, including meetings with writers, university students, art students and others, a visit to the village of Trinidad and the presentation of the winners of the 2014 edition.

The 56th edition of Casa de las Americas was convened for this cultural institution, evaluating more than 650 works by 24 American countries.

The verdict in the genres of poetry, novels, historical and social essays, children’s literature, Latin in the US and Brazil, will be launched on January 29, after discussion in Cienfuegos.

Argentina filed 173 texts, followed by Cuba (142), Brazil (71), Colombia (65) Mexico (34) and Peru (33), said Jorge Fornet, director of literary investigations of Casa de las Americas.

By gender, 232 contestants and 179 works in poetry novel record in that category were presented. Totals may still increase as the notice of award is open until mid-month.

The jury will be composed of intellectuals, historians, poets, researchers and literary critics in Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Spain, France, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico Uruguay and Cuba.

Academic and cultural activities highlight a tribute to Argentine writer Julio Cortázar (1914-1984), with its special relationship with Casa de las Americas.

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