Jilted Man Sells Caribbean Honeymoon on eBay for Charity


After John Whitbred’s fiancee dumped him the day after Christmas, he decided to sell the better half of his honeymoon on eBay, Susanna Kim reports in this article for ABCNews.com.

His wedding was scheduled for Valentine’s Day in England, followed by an all-inclusive two-week vacation to the Dominican Republic. Whitbred, 32, says there’s no hard feelings with his fiancee, Amy.

“She said she didn’t feel the same way when we first met and she hasn’t been happy or herself the last month or so,” he told ABC News.

Whitbred, who works in a brick plant and lives in the English countryside in Donisthorpe, said they had been together two years, half of which was the engagement.

“Of course it was hard,” he said about the breakup. “The fact that’s driving me is that I’m glad she did it when she did it. She’s done the right thing. You don’t want to be with someone if that’s how they feel about you.”

Unable to get a refund on the honeymoon package, he turned to eBay to give someone else the opportunity to go on a vacation. Bidding ends in six days. He said he spent 1,950 British pounds, or about $3,000. All the money raised after 1,050 pounds will go to the British men’s cancer charity Balls to Cancer. The charity has tweeted about the eBay sale and included information about it on its website.

Balls to Cancer co-founder Susan Bates told ABC News she and her husband Mark are “overjoyed” that the charity would benefit from the sale.

“As a small and relatively new charity, the money will greatly help continue the work we do to fight against all male cancers,” she said.

After the money goes to charity, he plans to use the remaining proceeds for vacation spending money for him and the winning bidder.

When asked about money he lost on the wedding, he says that may be “a couple thousand pounds,” but he’s still trying to get more money refunded.

“It’s never been about the money,” he said about the eBay sale. “I thought it would give someone an opportunity to go on a cheap holiday. I never thought it would get this response.”

He asks that only females bid, but he says he’s not asking for more than a travel companion to do activities like scuba dive.

“I didn’t really put that much thought into it,” he said. “It’s not really sinister, because I’m not really asking for anything. I just hoped for a fun holiday with some female company. I think it will just be easier. If they’re bidding, they’re going to be adventurous anyways, I hope.”

The package includes the honeymoon suite, but he said the resort said there could have been two beds put together in the first place.

“The room fits three, so I believe there will be a couch I can sleep on,” Whitbred said.

The winner would need to travel to the Manchester Airport for the Feb. 16 flight, or meet in the Dominican Republic.

For the original report go to http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/jilted-man-sells-caribbean-honeymoon-ebay-charity/story?id=28083526

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