St Croix’s Spade wins third straight Monarch title


Cedric “Spade” Brooks won the Crucian Christmas Carnival’s Calypso Monarch title for the third straight year, overwhelming a strong field Thursday night at Island Center for the Performing Arts, Fiona Stokes reports for The Virgin Islands Daily News.

Temisha “Caribbean Queen” Libert placed second, and Morris “Generic” Benjamin took third.

Also, Campbell “King Kan” Barnes took top honors for Most Humorous, Generic picked up the Best Commentary award, and Alford “Thunder” Romney was named Most Improved. The field also included Samuel “Mighty Pat” Ferdinand, Hector “Saw Dust” Alexander, James “Moonark” Wakefield and Allan “Herring” Clarke.

Many of the performers focused on the various woes facing the territory.

King Spade was particularly tough on politicians. His song was titled “Put their … in jail” and the stage backdrop was the Democratic Party symbol. He called for corrupt public officials to be locked up when found stealing money – or stealing votes.

Mighty Pat’s lyrics were also along the same lines as he condemned corrupt politicians and Elections officials. He also criticized the Calypso Committee, saying they never let him win the title that he says is rightfully his.

Herring, attired in a black and white outfit with a black fedora, continued with the corruption theme. Thieving politicians and officials facing sexual harassment charges were among his targets.

Saw Dust was more upbeat, promoting unity regionwide in “Under One Umbrella.”

Generic touched on local history as he wowed the crowd with “Bon Dem.” He was dressed as a field worker whom he said was tired of marching for justice and equality and would burn down plantations.

During the second round, Generic sang “Keeping In Touch With My People,” focusing on Sen. Alicia Hansen’s monthlong courtroom battles after she was removed from the General Election ballot and had to run as a write-in candidate.

Caribbean Queen and King Kan also sang about the embattled senator, saying that she misjudged her support in the community and that led to her demise.

Queen made a plea for equal rights – “Why not a Queen” – accusing the Calypso Committee of gender discrimination. She said she has come close but has never won the title.

Spade, in the second round, had tough words for HOVENSA as he belted out “Pack and Go.” HOVENSA left the island in a weak state of affairs, he sang.

The competition was presented as a tribute to Joseph “Joey B” Brown, who has competed numerous times and served as the competition’s chairman from 2011 to 2013. He died last year.

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