Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar Promises to Deliver on Amaila Falls Hydropower Project 


President Donald Ramotar has assured Guyanese that his Government will deliver the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project along with all its attendant benefits and that within months they are expected to achieve financial closure on the administration’s flagship project.

“…We expect to achieve financial close and commence construction, and this project will come into operation during our new term in office,” Ramotar told the nation in his New Year’s address. The project had hit a snag when the opposition derailed the passage of a critical piece of legislation back in 2012 causing a major investor to walk away. However, the administration has pursued other avenues. President Ramotar said with an opposition that has displayed a “remarkable anti-developmental tendency” it is important that “we regain the majority in the National Assembly to ensure continued social and economic progress.” Ramotar reiterated that the foundation has been laid for a brighter tomorrow for all Guyanese. “With a renewed mandate, my Government pledges to sustain and build on the gains we have already made as a country. We will continue to invest heavily in the physical infrastructure that is so critical to creating jobs and improving livelihoods. High amongst our priorities will be to ensure the achievement of more affordable and more reliable energy. For too long, Guyanese have looked forward to harnessing our country’s vast hydropower potential. The time for realizing this dream is long overdue. Unreliable and unaffordable electricity continues to be the biggest impediment to investment and job creation in Guyana.”

Fresh mandate—However, despite no hints at a date for general elections, President Ramotar said that his Government needs a fresh mandate to move this country forward in the face of opposition obstructions. “Indeed the year was very eventful and marked with both significant gains and major challenges. Many of the events that occurred in the just concluded year will impact on developments in this New Year. I have no doubt in my mind that we will overcome the challenges, and we will continue to advance our all round gains and improve the quality of life of our people.”

He said however, that his optimism is grounded in the history of this country. “Our people have always displayed remarkable strength and resilience in the face of major challenges. It is this history that has moulded our character. We must now use this eternal optimism and strength that our fore parents displayed to continue to forge ahead in the face of the many challenges that are posed due to both international and local events.” [. . .]

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