Escabí Family Donates Land to the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico


The section called “Para la Naturaleza” [For Nature] of the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico announced that it received, “the largest donation of land in the history of Puerto Rico and one of the most important for conservation: 1,428 cuerdas [Spanish acres; approximately 1,387 acres] to be known as the Ojo de Agua Protected Natural Area, close to the Cerro Cuevas forest zone between Juana Díaz and Villalba.” Humberto Escabí and his family donated the land.

A lawyer by profession, Escabí said “I want to emphasizethe understanding, professionalism and cooperation of the entire Trust team (Puerto Rico Conservation Trust and For Nature); this is the fruit of their labor.”

The land located in the neighborhoods of Emajagual, Guayabal and Río Cañas Arriba, the municipality of Juana Díaz and Debajo.  The name ‘Ojo de Agua’ refers to an artesian well located on the farm from which water is drawn.

The President of “Para la Naturaleza” Mr. Fernando Lloveras emphasized “the great kindness in this gesture and the great legacy, with all its benefits and advantages, for the people of Puerto Rico: to protect these lands for their continued existence.” He added “Thanks to all of you, because this is not the decision of one person but of a whole family. The Escabí Family is a great example for all Puerto Ricans.”

To date, there have been 191 species of plants, 34 of birds, 7 types of reptiles, 3 types of amphibians, 2 of mammals, and 51 species of invertebrates, totaling 288 species documented in this area. Of these 288, 32 are endemic. Even a “violet tree” (Phlebotaenia cowellii) was identified on the banks of the creek, a rare native species, which, at the time of flowering, drops all its leaves as a conservation mechanism. [. . .]

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