Roberto Fortunato, Kche Bandazza Singer, Dies


Roberto Fortunato, from Kche Bandazza, was shot dead at the age of 40. The lead singer of the band was assassinated Wednesday night in a taxi in Coyoacán in México City.

The Dominican Republic musician was on board the cab with Itzel Pacheco López, according to El Universal. Both of them were en route to singing a contract. However, the man that was allegedly going to contract him for a gig shot him in the head, according to eye witnesses at the scene. The driver, Luis Espinoza Martinez, was also injured. Fortunato died at the scene, while the condition of the woman accompanying him is not known at this time.

Fortunato was previously a band mate of Merenglass, one of the most popular merengue group in México. On the official Facebook page for the group a message was written in honor of the deceased. “Sad news for merengue in México,” the statement read. “We are dismayed by the passing of the member of Kche Bandazza, one of our former mates. He was a great promoter of merengue and a tremendous human beign. May he rest in peace.” With his current band, Roberto Fortunato, took on the lead vocals with songs like “Gata,” “Fresa Salvaje” and “La Moda.”

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