Film: “Conducta” and Cuba’s Coral Awards


Conducta, Cuban film by Ernesto Daranas, won the 2014 Coral Prize for Best Fiction Feature this year at the 36th International Festival of New Latin American Film. Conducta was one of the highly awarded films, receiving the Coral for Best Fiction Feature and Best Male Lead Actor for young Armando Valdez’s character Chala, as well as the SIGNIS award, granted by a world Catholic association for communication. The festival recently ended in Havana’s Charles Chaplin movie theater. 

The closure of the Latin American film feast in Havana was hosted by versatile Cuban actress Laura de la Uz, accompanied by actor Caleb Casas. One of the most waited for awards each year is the Coral granted by the public with their votes. This time it was given to the Vestido de novia, a film by Marilyn Solaya that also received an Honorable Mention in the First Film category.

The Coral for Best First Film was granted to the Mexican production Güeros, by young filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalacios. In the documentary competition the jury especially favored La muerte de Jaime Rondós, historical research that investigated the suspicious plane crash that cost the life of the Ecuadorian president in 1981.

Geraldine Chaplin’s performance in the Dominican film Dólares de arena also earned a Coral, which the British actress thanked long distance through an emotional note read to the public. Meanwhile, the direction and edition work of Argentinean Damián Szifrón ensured him prizes in both categories for his film Relatos Salvajes, which opened the Festival in Karl Marx Theater and was also among the public’s favorites. [. . .]

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