Carbet Literary Prize Jury in Session in Cuba


The jury of the Prix Carbet of the Caribbean and Tout-Monde is in session today in Cuba, faithful to its tradition of recognizing the linguistic and cultural diversity of this colorful region.

The rural community of Las Terrazas hosted the deliberations of this award founded 25 years ago by the Martinican writer Edouard Glissant, and continued by his widow Sylvie Glissant.

For Guadeloupian writer Ernest Pepin, also Jury President, Cardet is a way to show the Caribbean as a civilization to the world, and to spread its history through literature.

He added the selected works must express the particularities of the Caribbean with a universal vocation, ‘because we need to tell the world’, seeing problems and proposing solutions.

The winner of the Carbet prize in 2014 will be announced tomorrow in Havana’s Casa de las Américas, a cultural space where the Caribbean and its culture is a recurring guest of honor.

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