Santo Domingo: Bike routes for a healthier city


Santo Domingo’s mayor aims to boost a bike-route system to bring about a healthier city and help cut greenhouse gases, the scourge of climate change.

Roberto Salcedo on Sunday said the initiative would help the population increasingly assume exercise and announced the start of an inventory of best practices in other cities of Europe and the Americas, where in his view have yielded excellent economic results and fuel savings.

He said studies and contacts with people and cycling groups have already been made to determine the system’s main points, as well as with potential corporate sponsors for some kilometers.

“The bike route is simply the incorporation of bicycles as transport, which has two basic components of further strengthening a health policy we’ve been pushing through public gyms, wagering on a healthier city, and the other is the environmental issue, lowering greenhouse gases that have a negative impact,” the official said, quoted by

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