Jamaica: The Return of Gully Bops (Country Man)


Simone Morgan (Jamaica Observer) speculates about the return of a deejay named Gully Bops (aka Country Man) based on how he has become an Internet sensation after a video of him freestyling lyrics to his song, “Dem no Bad Like Me,” went viral. Here are excerpts from her article (see full article and listen to his song in the links below):

The YouTube video was filmed two years ago by New York producer Nikimo Palache. Dem No Bad Like Me was remixed by Claims Records and released last month. It not only caught the attention of disc jockeys but also CEO of Supreme Promotions, Isaiah Laing, promoter of the annual Sting dancehall show which takes place on Boxing Day.

The song and video have transformed the life of 50-year-old Gully Bops who told Splash that he had been in a ‘dark place’ for some time. “I was with Mr Laing from 1992 and he made me perform on several shows including Sting and (Reggae) Sunsplash. I even released several songs. I am the one who messed up,” he said, his legs propped on a desk at Supreme Promotions’ Kingston office.

Removing his Versace shades, Gully Bops blamed his personal slide on a relationship gone bad. He said he became depressed after his girlfriend left with his children. “Mi en’ up a walk dirty. Mi all smoke a couple ‘season spliff’,” he recalled. “I am not a madman or ‘cokehead’ as some people believe. Mi neva haffi tek no therapy fi get better.”

Gully Bops, who hails from Southside in Central Kingston and Grants Pen in St Andrew, said despite his personal problems, he never gave up music. His comeback started in 2012 when he met Palache who came to Grants Pen hunting artistes to record for his label.

To get the producer’s attention, Gully Bops said he went for an old fan and began fixing it while freestyling a few lyrics. It worked. He said Palache began filming the impromptu performance which has made him a sensation.

The deejay, whose given name is Robert Lee Malcolm, said he is overwhelmed by his newfound fame. [. . .]

Listen to “Dem No Bad Like Me” here: 

Listen to Gully Bops free-styling here: 

For full article, see http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/From-a-dark-place-to-Sting_18093187

Photo above from http://www.yardhype.com/gully-bop-wants-to-clash-alkalinetommy-lee-ninja-man-video/

One thought on “Jamaica: The Return of Gully Bops (Country Man)

  1. A whoa …man say not even Dove Cot nah go want him body..what a way di man bad so!
    I hope he makes it to sting and embarrasses Alkaline and di rest but Ninja ago kill him dead inna clash


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