Dominica PM Roosevelt Skerrit Re-elected


Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, says he is humbled by being re-elected into office while at the same time congratulating his rival, leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton for being elected as a member of parliament.

Preliminary results from the general election show the Dominica Labour Party grabbing at least 15 seats of the 21 parliamentary seats in Dominica. “I am humbled by the overwhelming response of the electorate in Dominica to our appeal for a mandate to continue governing Dominica for another five years,” Skerrit said in a speech to the nation on Monday night.

He also congratulated Linton for his success at the poll. “I wish to congratulate Mr. Lennox Linton, political leader of the UWP, on his election to parliament and also to the other new opposition members,” he said. “In this new term, numerically speaking, there will be a stronger opposition in parliament. I accept the will and verdict of the people.”

Skerrit thanked everyone for “conducting themselves properly throughout the campaign and minimizing the incident of violence and destruction.” “I congratulate you all for demonstrating to the world that Dominica is now a mature democracy,” he said. “I thank you for showing in the Commonwealth of Dominica, common sense has triumphed over propaganda and the appeal to raw emotion.”

He said in the next term “more resources will be devoted to wiping out poverty and ignorance from the island of Dominica.” [. . .] Skerrit further said every Dominican in every age group has benefited from “at least one of the economic and social policies and programs we have introduced during the past fourteen years.”

“I am sure that this is your way of showing gratitude,” he said. “That is why you have decided to give us a new mandate to continue to deliver the many realistic promises we made to you in the manifesto.” [. . .]

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