Sint Lisi: Poems and Art of Saint Lucia (New Book)

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A new anthology of poems and art titled “Sent Lisi: Poems and Art of Saint Lucia” was launched on Monday at the National Cultural Centre.

The anthology is dedicated to McDonald Dixon who celebrated his 70th birthday on Oct. 1.

Known for his role is the banking and trade sectors, Dixon is also a playwright, director, poet, author, photographer and artist.

“Within me there has always been an innate creativity that I have never been able to shake off,” Dixon said of his passion or the arts.

Kendel Hippolyte, Dixon’s friend and contemporary said Dixon’s achievements in the arts have never overshadowed his character.

“When I think of the ease and familiarity with which he approaches the different genres of art, and what he has done, its amazing that he doesn’t make a big fuss about it.”

The anthology features renowned names in Saint Lucia’s arts sector like Sir Dunstan St. Omer and his son Alwyn St Omer, Hon. Derek Walcott and his son Peter Walcott, John Robert Lee, Jane King-Hippolyte, Kendel Hippolyte and many more.

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