V International Congress of Literature, Tribute to Ana Lydia Vega

analvega.jpg_thumbnail0The University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo will celebrate the Fifth International Congress of Literature, Individual and Society in Spain, the Americas and Puerto Rico—Tribute to Ana Lydia Vega on March 18-20, 2015. The deadline for submitting proposals is November 30, 2014.

“Image and Word” is the general theme of the congress. This event will include keynote presentations, academic sessions on the latest trends in literature, workshops for teachers, research and cutting-edge projects, as well as events centering on visual arts, music, and cinema. Educators, writers, literature specialists, artists, filmmakers, researchers, sociologists, scholars, anthropologists, psychologists, academic directors, among others, are invited to submit articles or projects. The deadline for submitting proposals is November 30, 2014 at the following addresses: congresointernacional.arecibo@upr.edu  or emma.domenech@upr.edu.

For original articles (in Spanish), see http://www.elnuevodia.com/homenajeaanalydiavega-1895749.html and http://www.80grados.net/homenaje-internacional-a-ana-lydia-vega/

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