Bermuda to Host the America’s Cup World Series Event in 2017


Adrian Robson writes about the brouhaha that followed after Associated Press revealed that Bermuda would host the 2017 America’s Cup. San Diego and Bermuda were vying for the top spot; apparently the “tax-free” situation won out at the end. Here are excerpts from Robson’s article:

It now seems certain Bermuda will host the America’s Cup in 2017, following confirmation from a top official in San Diego that the California city has been defeated in the two-horse race to decide where one of the world’s premier sporting events will be held. Quoting an anonymous source, Associated Press reported that a decision had been made and will be announced on December 2 in New York. That has now been backed up by an official involved with the San Diego bidding process.

Several newspapers around the world published the AP report yesterday, but government officials in Bermuda declined to comment. San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Matt Calkins, learning of the decision, launched a scathing attack on the America’s Cup committee, chaired by billionaire Larry Ellison, the owner of Oracle Team USA, the defending champions. It was, he said, “all about money”. Calkins reported: “On Thursday, a local official confirmed to San Diego U-T that the 2017 America’s Cup has been awarded to Bermuda, not San Diego, and dinero seems to be the principal reason why.

“Want to know the new colour of money?” Yeah … that would be ocean blue. Not only is San Diego the better place to host the next America’s Cup, it might just be the perfect place. From facilities, to accommodations, to history, to racing conditions — we trumped Bermuda in nearly every capacity as a potential venue host.

“But there was one thing the Atlantic Ocean island could provide that San Diego couldn’t — a tax-free experience for all the Cup’s participants. What we learned? That even the richest people in the world can sell out.” [. . .] 

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