Hemingway’s grandson urges renewal of U.S. ties with Cuba


The time has come for the United States to restore normal relations with Cuba, Ernest Hemingway’s grandson said here Tuesday, the Spanish news agency EFE reports.

“I think it is important that the diplomatic relations are re-established,” John Hemingway said during a press conference in Washington organized by the Latin America Working Group to advocate normalization with Cuba in the interest of improving cooperation on marine conservation and other environmental issues.

“I believe these two countries need to finally recognize each other and do things in a normal fashion,” he said.

The United States severed diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961 amid growing tensions with Fidel Castro’s revolutionary government. In late 1962, Washington imposed a broad economic embargo on the Communist-ruled island.

John Hemingway visited Cuba in September in the company of his brother Patrick to mark the 60th anniversary of their grandfather’s Nobel Prize for Literature.

“Cuba has been ignored by the U.S., which is amazing, because it is the biggest island in the Caribbean, with 11 million people, and we aren’t doing anything, pretending that it is not there,” John said of the country where Ernest Hemingway kept a home for many years and which was the setting for “The Old Man and the Sea.”

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