Grenada Names New Ministers: Yolande Bain-Horsford and Dr. Clarice Modeste

Yoland-Bain1-205x300Caribbean New Desk
reports that Grenada has named Yolande Bain-Horsford as new Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation and Clarice Modeste as Minister of Foreign Affairs as part of a Cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell. Denis Scott Chabrol writes:

In an address to the nation Thursday night, the Grenadian leader also announced a cabinet reshuffle and the appointment of Yolande Bain-Horsford as the island’s new Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister whom he said had been “left out” of the Cabinet.  “Sister Yolande has been patient and continued to be a valuable team player even when she was left out of the cabinet last year. Her introduction now is in keeping with the promise to give members of the team different opportunities from time to time,” he said. Bain-Horsford replaces Alexandra Otway-Noel who goes to the Prime Minister’s Office as Minister with special responsibility for implementation.

Claris Modeste-sm.jpg-585401Other ministerial changes are Nikolas Steele [who] has been shifted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Business to the Ministry of Health. The [present] Minister of Health is Dr. Clarice Modeste [who will take over as Minister of Foreign Affairs]. Steele’s responsibility of International Business has been handed to Minister of Economic Development, Oliver Joseph.

The Prime Minister added that the Cabinet changes are coming at a time when his administration is preparing to present the National Budget on November 26.

Caribbean Journal adds:

The move came as Grenada had been seeing one of the highest rates of increase in tourist arrivals of any country in the Caribbean, according to data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

Otway-Noel had led the country’s “Pure Grenada” tourism rebrand, which was unveiled at the beginning of 2014, with help from advertising firm Inglefield Ogilvy. “Alexandra Otway-Noel has capably and energetically shaped the Tourism and Civil Aviation in the last two years,” Mitchell said in his address. “Pure Grenada has proven to be a worthwhile brand that is now attracting more visitors.”

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