Julio Iglesias To Host Tribute Concert for Oscar De La Renta


Spanish singer Julio Iglesias will pay tribute to his late friend Oscar De La Renta by organiving a special concert in the Dominican Republic. The Spanish singer owned a vacation home next to the fashion designer’s Punta Cana retreat in de la Renta’s native country. Iglesias will perform at the Punta Cana Resort & Club for a show titled “Homenaje a un Amigo” [Tribute to a Friend] on December 28, 2014. De la Renta passed away at his Connecticut home on 20 October 2014 at the age of 82 following a battle with cancer. See excerpts here:

Thursday, April 24, 2014 marked a special day in the history of the relationship between Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta. De la Renta was in New York to accept the prestigious Medal of Excellence award for business leadership and philanthropy, and Iglesias was there to honor his friend with an intimate concert at Carnegie Hall. Not only did this event – Entre Amigos – draw guests from the upper echelons of the political and fashion worlds, but it was also Iglesias’ first performance at Carnegie Hall in over 25 years, and it was all done to honor the man he referred to as his brother: Oscar de la Renta.

[. . .] Iglesias will be in Punta Cana’s La Cana Golf & Beach Club for his first ever concert at the resort, this location is fitting in that it was the venue where our last major event occurred, “The 2012 Oscar de la Renta Fashion show.” [. . .] Like Iglesias performance at Carnegie Hall in April, it will be a personal night as he will be there to perform in memory of Oscar de la Renta.

In previous blog posts, we have covered some of the amazing philanthropic work that de la Renta and Iglesias have done with the PUNTACANA Foundation, and this concert will be very much in keeping the spirit of their generosity and philanthropy. Remember, both entered into Grupo PUNTACANA and became partners together. Iglesias and de la Renta shared a passion for altruism which is why dll of the the proceeds from the event will go to the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic in Veron, which offers medical care to the rural communities in and around Punta Cana.  The clinic currently treats over 15,000 children annually and is looking to expand to treat even more people. [. . .]

For full information, see http://www.puntacanablogs.com/blog/-julio-iglesias-to-perform-benefit-concert-in-memory-of-oscar-de-la-renta

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