Art Exhibition: Kolektif 509’s “Les Réalités Inventées” in Pétionville


Kolektif 509 announced their new contemporary art exhibition “Les Réalités Inventées” [Invented Realities], which opened on November 5, 2014, and will be on view until November 16. Villa Kalewes is located at 99 rue Gregoire in Pétionville, Haiti.

The exhibition includes works by 9 new artists: Philippe Dodard, PASKO, Gregory Vorbe, Mireille Fombrun, Joseph Eddy Pierre, and emerging artists Frederic Dupoux, Natania Pericles, Francisco Silva, and Martine Brisson.

This is the third exhibit of the Kolektif 509, which focuses on encouraging new contemporary artists of Haiti to think “out of the box,” pushing them to move outside of their comfort zones.

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Also see an interview with Kolektif 509 at

One thought on “Art Exhibition: Kolektif 509’s “Les Réalités Inventées” in Pétionville

  1. The Kolektif 509 have her 4th exhibit the Friday November 28th until December 7th with six artists:

    – Xavier DALENCOUR, Painting,

    – Pascale FAUBLAS, Painting and Sculpture

    – KILLY (Patrick Ganthier), Painting and Sculpture

    – Valerie NOISETTE, Drawing and Digital Art

    – Lilika PAPAGRIGORIOU, Painting,

    – Frantz ZEPHIRIN, Painting.

    At the Villa Kalewes, 99 rue Gregoire Petion-Ville Haiti.

    The Grand opening is the Friday, November 28th at 5h PM
    And the exhibit will be open Saturday and Sunday between 10h am to 8h Pm, and during the week between 10h AM to 6h pm.

    The last article about us:

    We are continuing our philosophy to push the ART in this Country and show and share the best part of our island.


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