Dominican Entrepreneur Launches “SheTaxis” and SheRides”


From the Dominican Republic, Stella Mateo launched SheTaxis in New York. “SheTaxis” is by women for women, and will respond only to requests made via a smartphone application. Mateo, founder of the service “SheTaxis” or “SheRides,” says that “It’s about safety, employment for women, equally with men and have alternatives.”

Stella Mateo, Founder and CEO of SheTaxis/SheRides

Born in the Dominican Republic, Stella Mateo came to the United States when she was 14 years old. Although Stella only spoke Spanish when she arrived in the States, she graduated from Monroe High School in the Bronx, fluent in English and determined to continue her path to success.

After earning her Associates Degree in Accounting from Bronx Community College, Stella went on to work in her family’s business as a seamstress. At the same time, she began working for a real estate company, eventually becoming head of the accounting department.

Passionate about being a business owner, Stella started San Mateo Construction in 1993 with her husband Fernando Mateo. In 1999, Stella became Fernando’s right hand supporter when he founded the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers. Working as a volunteer for more than a decade, Stella conducted pro bono research for the organization, learning the ins-and-outs of the taxi industry.

Quickly realizing that women’s voices were severely underrepresented in the industry, Stella founded SheTaxis/SheRides in 2014 to address the issue. With SheTaxis/SheRides, Stella is using her expertise and experience to create new, unprecedented opportunities for women on the road.

Stella has always been a vocal advocate for women’s empowerment and equal opportunity employment. As an entrepreneur herself, she knows that owning a business provides the flexibility and self-sufficiency often missing for women in the workforce.

Breaking the male dominated taxi and livery industry wide open, Stella and SheTaxis/SheRides are bringing bold new voices into the business on both sides of the partition.

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