Barbadian couple missing at sea for five days found alive


A Barbadian husband and wife, who left St Lucia over the weekend for Barbados on board their 47 foot yacht, Serenity, have been found, family and relatives confirmed Wednesday.

Family members said Arthur Alleyne, 63, also known as ‘Captain Sam’, the former captain of celebrity ship, Brigg Unicorn, and his wife, Sharon Went-Alleyne, 59, have since returned to St. Lucia.

Marine authorities here as well as their counterparts in Martinique, and Barbados were involved in the search for the two people.

The couple’s daughter, Tao Alleyene, told the media that a family friend had informed her that her parents were found and that she has since spoken to her father.

“He told me that he unfortunately lost signal half way through, but he told me that both he and my mother were fine, except that they are dehydrated and hungry.”

According to her, Arthur did say that the yacht was drifting during their journey. However, it is unclear whether they managed to reach Barbados by themselves or they were rescued. [. . .]

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