Barbados No. 1 Darian King smeared by tennis court tantrum


The Antillean Media Group writes that Barbados’ Darian King is the lead news-maker of the pro tennis, minor-league Charlottesville Challenger “for all the wrong reasons.” Apparently, he made news with a major tantrum. See excerpts here:

The world’s No. 310 ranked player (and Barbados’ No. 1) angrily went down 6-4-6-6 (4-2) to Britain’s Edward Corie in the second set of his first-round match in Virginia on Monday. His loss of a tiebreaker point quickly escalated into a tantrum which saw King throw his racquet into the tarpaulin behind the court, deflecting onto a nearby line umpire who appeared to collapse in pain.

[. . .] The incident marks a career-low for King, who now finds himself in the cross-hairs of unforgiving media coverage.

Fox Sport Australia called the incident the “disgraceful things you are ever likely to see on a tennis court”, while several outlets have likened the Barbadian player to the now-infamous Argentine David Nalbandian, who was defaulted from the 2012 final of the AEGON Championships for deliberately kicking a linesperson.

It is an unfortunate bedfellow for the 22-year-old Barbadian rising star, who won three Future titles this year in America, Romania and the Netherlands. He also won five of his six Davis Cup singles matches to help Barbados progress to the first group next year.

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