Rebekah Bowman: Portrait of the Cuban Ballet School


An exhibition, Portrait of the Cuban Ballet School, by the American photographer Rebekah Bowman and curator Roberto Chile will be inaugurated this Monday at José Martí Memorial, as part of the side events of 24th International Ballet Festival of Havana, Cuban Headlines reports.

The photographs that Bowman will exhibit these days in Havana contain a high testimonial value. The artist shares more than twenty pictures in medium and large format describing different times of classes and rehearsals in the National Ballet School.
About this photographic series Doctor Miguel Cabrera, Historian of the National Ballet of Cuba referred in the Cuban digital media Cubadebate “she captures many aspects of the daily ritual of the class, both taking place in the ballet bar as in the center of the room with a clever eye”.

Cabrera also outlined that the pictures show “the close student-teacher bond in the correction of ballet poses and the giving of an expressive sense, a feeling, to every physical challenge, without which it would be impossible to achieve a true art”.

For this Ballet Festival are also scheduled the photographic exhibitions Choreography and Shakespeare and his masks, of the authors Pere Artal and Javier NC. Mezzanine, respectively.



One thought on “Rebekah Bowman: Portrait of the Cuban Ballet School

  1. I had never heard of Ms. bowman until I found an original signed photograph she had taken in The Ballet School in Cuba. In was taken in 1996, and I had to do my research because as a child I too wanted to be a Ballet dancer!!!

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