CSA 2015 Film and Visual & Performing Arts Committee Call for Proposals


The CSA 2015 Film and Visual & Performing Arts Committee invites proposals from filmmakers, visual and performing artists, and scholars and graduate students to submit proposals for films and other visual modes of expression—as well as papers about films and the visual arts—that engage the CSA 2015 conference theme: The Caribbean in an Age of Global Apartheid: Fences, Boundaries, and Borders – Literal and Imagined. The location of the 40th conference of the CSA, which convenes in New Orleans, May 25 to 29, is an ideal cultural and dialogical space for exploring how arts and culture relate to issues facing the African diaspora and the Caribbean today.

We seek proposals that explore the intersections of historical and current artistic expressions of Caribbean and U.S. creole identities, and we encourage proposals from filmmakers and artists who have illustrated the intersection of the cultures of the Caribbean Basin and New Orleans to create unique expressions that critically filter our perceptions of socio-cultural identity. We hope to create a platform for a profound discourse involving identity, religion, the arts and culture, political economy, media and communication, such artistic forms being historical and contemporary forays into the region’s politics and economies.

We welcome submissions that not only challenge the harmony implied by previous paradigms of plurality but speak to the cleavages created by the fences, boundaries, and borders defending hierarchies of race, class, gender, sexuality and language, as well as TO THE new contradictory syntheses that defy those limits. Equally, we seek proposals addressing the role of film and art in reflecting, shaping/defining, complicating and/or integrating the plurality of the people and environments in the Caribbean, its diasporas and the New Orleans area.

We invite 250 word abstracts; please use the guidelines for panel/paper proposals listed in the general Call for Papers. Send proposals for films or film-related panels no later than December 15, 2015, to Terry-Ann Jones at tjones@fairfield.edu and those related to visual or performing arts to Jan DeCosmo at jandecosmo@comcast.net.

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