Dominican Artist Alfredo Scaroina’s debut New York exhibition opens at UNIX Gallery

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UNIX Gallery presents Alfredo Scaroina, “Reclamation,” the artist’s debut New York exhibition. Scaroina is a Dominican artist known for his abstract, colorful, and experimental works that unveil a universal understanding into the subconscious. “Reclamation” runs from October 16th through November 19th, 2014.

Scaroina begins his creative process by absorbing themes and motifs in the world around him, and projects an image that resonates in the subconscious mind of his viewers. This methodology determines the form and content of each completed painting. Scaroina’s work thus presents an emotional and phycological dialogue that communicates directly to the collective humanity, transcending across cultures. Clara Silvestre from the International Association of Art Critics writes, “Scaroina seizes and empowers the everyday, the daily ritual, building and creating from the foundation of conscious- ness, rhetoric free and rich in nuance, which embraces the splendor of expressionism and abstraction.”

The artist incorporates a variety of materials including sand and metal flakes, to paper fibers and clippings. Scaroina mixes these mediums and treats them with archival solvents, which reveals a complex arranged laying of complementary surfaces. From these materials, he takes the works through a number of organic transformations, including the addition of geometric patterns and codes. His use of archetypal symbols and primitive motifs like geometric shapes, numbers, letters, and other markings act as a kind of universal language. Silvestre also states, “Scaroina explores the brows of abstraction, and romance of shapes and unique shades of colors.”

Alfredo Scaroina was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where he received his education from Es- cuela de Artes Plasticas and Academia de Bellas Artes where he studied under various established artists including Latin American artist Migdalia Chavez and Spanish master Joaquin Castellote. Scaroina is rep- resented in collections in the United States and throughout Latin America. His recent exhibitions include Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, Artistas Contemporaneos Unidos, Debora Colton Gallery, and Kirk Hopper Fine Art.

The artist lives and works in Houston, TX.

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