The National Poetry Series’ 2014 Paz Prize for Poetry


The National Poetry Series is pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Paz Translation Prize for Poetry: Nueve Monedas by Carlos Pintado (Miami Beach, Florida) was chosen by Richard Blanco and will be published by Akashic Books. This year’s Paz Prize also awarded an Honorable Mention to Un enigma esas muñecas by Lourdes Vázquez (Puerto Rico/Florida).


The Paz Translation Prize for Poetry: The Center for Literature and Theater at Miami Dade College will award one prize annually for the publication of a previously unpublished book of poetry originally written in Spanish by a U.S. resident. The prize will recognize book-length manuscripts of poetry written in Spanish. The winner is selected by an esteemed Spanish-speaking poet. The chosen book is translated into English by an experienced translator, and is published in a bilingual edition. The prize was named in honor of Mexican poet Octavio Paz.

The National Poetry Series was established in 1978 to ensure the publication of five poetry books annually through five participating publishers. Founded in 1978 by Halpern and James A. Michener, The National Poetry Series continues to fulfill its mission every year by overseeing the publication of new books of poetry that might not otherwise be published by providing support in the processes of manuscript solicitation, selection, and promotion.

For Paz Prize for Poetry Guidelines can be found at The Paz Prize Guidelines

For more information, see

See article (in Spanish) at

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