Guyanese Muslim Leader Barred From Entering Jamaica Threatens Legal Action


The Portia Simpson Miller-led administration has been threatened with a lawsuit after Gerald Perreira, a Guyanese Muslim leader, was barred from entering the country to attend the 19th anniversary celebration of the Million-Man March. 

Perreira said while on his way to Jamaica on Friday to participate in the celebration, headed by Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, he was ordered off a flight in Antigua and Barbuda and told that Jamaican authorities had refused him permission to land.

Perreira, who is the chairman of the Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG), said he planned to lodge a complaint with the Guyanese government and will seek redress in the form of legal action against the Jamaican government.  He added that being barred from entering Jamaica is a breach of his right to freedom of movement as a Caricom national.  Perreira has also accused the United States of pressuring Jamaica to prevent certain persons from entering for the 19th anniversary celebration of the Million Man March. [. . .]

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