Suriname Launches Construction of the Academic Medical Hospital with Support from the Islamic Development Bank


Suriname’s President Desiré Delano “Desi” Bouterse [above] and the CEO of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al Madani [below] officially launched the construction of the Academic Medical Hospital of Suriname (AMC-SU), which, attached to the Anton De Kom University of Suriname, will provide high quality care, top medical training, and a scientific research center for the region.

Attached to the Anton De Kom University of Suriname, the US$86 million hospital will be a modern and ascetically beautiful facility, with two emergency rooms, dining areas and a landing area for helicopters, and is scheduled to open in 2020.  The hospital will have 510 beds according to Antoine Brahim, general manager of the University Hospital Paramaribo (AKKAR). “Suriname is due for a new and modern hospital. Facilities are out of date and not patient friendly nor appealing to physicians and nurses,” Brahim said.

The hospital was commissioned on the birthday of President Bouterse. It is over 50 years since a new hospital was built in Suriname. Bouterse pointed out that this project aligns with his promise of a “social contract” with the Surinamese people. [. . .] He added, “the hospital will be accessible to anyone from all strata of society and with any types of illnesses.”

The hospital is being funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in the amount of US$60 million; another US$14 million by the OPEC Fund for International Development and Suriname will fund US$2 million. [. . .]


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