Fergus McCaffrey Gallery to open in St. Barthélemy

fergus-mccaffrey-st-barths (1)

This item (from September 2014) announces the forthcoming opening of a new Fergus McCaffrey fine art gallery to open in Gustavia, on the island of St. Barths (with another space opening in Tokyo later on). Apparently, Fergus McCaffrey co-ran an artists’ residency and gallery program from 2005 to 2008, “drawing on the island’s history as an artist colony.”

Fergus McCaffrey gallery, which recently moved from the Upper East Side to a prime Chelsea storefront on 26th Street, is looking beyond New York, with its second location slated to open in November on St. Barthélemy. It will be the French Caribbean island’s first permanent, year-round fine art gallery.

Although St. Barths is known as a winter vacation hot spot among the international jet-setting crew, the 600-square-foot Fergus McCaffrey space will offer programming all year on the harbor in the capital of Gustavia.

The gallery has had a presence on the island before. From 2005 until 2008, Fergus McCaffrey co-ran an artists’ residency and gallery program, drawing on the island’s history as an artist colony. Since the late 1960s, such artistic luminaries as Jasper JohnsBrice Marden, Francesco Clemente, and Cy Twombly have found inspiration on the shores of St. Barths. During its four-year run the residency program hosted artists such as David Noonan, Kelley Walker, and Douglas Gordon, while the gallery offered solo shows of artists including Andy Warhol and Mike Kelley.

Fergus McCaffrey St. Barths will offer both innovative historical exhibitions and new work from the gallery’s growing stable of international artists. [. . .]

For more information, see http://news.artnet.com/in-brief/fergus-mccaffrey-will-open-outposts-in-the-caribbean-and-japan-117099

Also see http://www.artnet.com/about/aboutindex.asp?F=1

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