“I dare you to dream”: St. Martin Poetry Selected for Delft Ars Vocalis Performance


Work by St. Martin poet and artist Drisana Deborah Jack have been set to music that will be performed at the 55th anniversary concert of the Delft Ars Vocalis Chamber Choir on November 8, 2014, in Delft,The Netherlands. Jack is the author of The Rainy Season and Skin (both published by House of Nehesi Publishers). See excerpts here:

Dutch composers Rita Hijmans and Anke Brouwer selected Jack’s poem “I dare you” and its Dutch translation from a long list of verse proposed by Ars Vocalis to four composers that it commissioned to create “new musical composition” for its anniversary concert.

[. . .] “I’ve recited my poetry with music before but this is different. This is another artist using my work as the foundation and creating something new. I am honored,” said Jack, who will also recite her poetry at the concert. The “jubileumconcert” will open with the works of Bach and Mozart on November 8, 2014, in the city of Delft.

drisanaJack_2014Interestingly, the title of the choral celebration is “Ik daag je uit te dromen” (“I dare you to dream”), which happens to be the Dutch title of Jack’s poem. The theme of the concert is “Freedom and Liberty” (www.arsvocalis.nl).

Jack’s “I dare you” is from her first poetry book The Rainy Season (HNP, 1997). According to the poet, the Delft Ars Vocalis searched books and online sources for a variety of poems for the composers to create music for. “They found both an English and a Dutch version of ‘I dare you’ and put them both on the list for the composers to select. They did not expect for both to be selected but when it happened they decided to go with it,” said Jack, who is also the author of Skin, her second volume of verse (HNP, 2006).

For full article, see http://www.sxminfo.fr/90950/2014/09/28/st-martin-poetry-selected-by-dutch-composers-for-choral-music-performance-in-netherlands/

Top photo above by Drisana Deborah Jack, from “The Value of Water” series; see artist’s page at http://www.deborahjack.com/

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