Caribbean Arts InTransit Festival 2014


The Caribbean Arts InTransit 2014 festival takes place October 7-19 in Trinidad and Tobago (in several venues including the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Medulla Gallery, and others). The festival includes presentations and workshop sessions. Dr. Keith Nurse, WTO Chair of the University of the West Indies, will deliver a workshop on conducting “Economic Impact Assessments for creative enterprises.”

Description: For the art lover, connoisseur, and novice alike, we curate an extraordinary cultural experience navigating the fertile canon of Caribbean Arts, at home and in the Diaspora. Our third arts festival “ARTS INTRANSIT 2014” draws Caribbean creatives and diverse audiences together to deeply engage with the Arts to educate, train and transform our wider community. By curating such critical platforms, we aim to position an understanding of the Arts as change agent. For this festival we are working with our communities, partners, public and private sponsors, including the Ministry of Planning and Sustainability, VIII Americas Competitiveness Forum (RIAC) the Inter-American Development Bank, RBC Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) and the Department of Creative & Festival Arts, UWI St Augustine.

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