Photographic Exhibition: “”Go Fuck Your Selfie . . .”


So sad not to have been there. Adál* Maldonado’s “Go Fuck Your Selfie / I was a Schizophrenic Mambo Dancer for the FBI” had its official opening on October 2, 2014, at Roberto Paradise Gallery [Galería Roberto Paradise], located at 1204 Ponce de León Avenue in Santurce (San Juan, Puerto Rico) just one block from the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art (aka, el MAC). This exhibition will be on view until November 29, 2014.

As Mariana Reyes Angleró writes, “Adál Maldonado has been working on portraits and self-portraiture for many years. She quotes Maldonado: “My work from the 70s, in one way or another, always has to do with the concept of ​​identity. [The idea] that one’s identity is always flowing and one keeps changing. One projects an identity. For me there is no permanent identity.”

“Recently I was preparing this exhibition and I realized that this new phenomenon, the issue of selfies . . . [was interesting]; I had been addressing the idea of ​​self-portraiture for many years and I [previously] saw the selfie as something a little superficial,” he says, referring particularly to photos of scantily clad people in front of the mirror. “But then I said: Why am I going to be reactionary about this? What I can do is make something out of this. Thus ‘Go Fuck Your Selfie / I was a schizofrenic Mambo Dancer for the FBI’ was born. I wanted to create an exhibition in which I compare the self-portrait as an artistic expression versus the selfie as a narcissistic expression.”


Gallery hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays 1:00- 6:00pm (also by appointment at 787-429-4887).

The artist will be at the gallery on Thursday and Saturday next week and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afterwards to answer any questions. You may also reach him at to make arrangements for viewing.

[*For all of our fellow editing fiends and/or friends out there, we respect the artist’s wishes for keeping that accent on the final “a” in Adal.]

Also see more information (in Spanish) at

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