Art Exhibition: Shuck One’s “Escape”


The solo exhibition “Escape,” by graffiti artist Shuck One (born in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe in 1970), is on view until October 26, 2014 at Case à Léo, L’Habitation Clément, Martinique.

Description: Settling in Paris in 1984, Shuck One dives into the hip-hop movement that was emerging at that moment in France. In 1986, he turned to his most ‘plastic’ component. Walls and underground arteries become his main medium of expression, turning him into a major figure of French graffiti. Subversive—on the margin of artistic codes but at the heart of society, and using all the resources of spray paint—his urban performances announce a deeply personal pictorial language that begins to take shape in the 90s. This language, developed mainly on canvas, remains fully engaged with human and social realities, such as Afro-Caribbean identity and the travails of a multicultural France, which are a focus of reflection for Shuck One and the works presented in this exhibition.


Drawing from a personal and collective history, this reflection on migrations is imposed on the artist as an exploration of his heritage. The title Escape and the works, which combine colors and duotone, allow for a transcendence of self and history in favor of artistic expression, a live memory, a contemporary gaze and the need to overcome the path created to escape from a system of exclusion and confinement.

For full text (in French), see

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