Myrna Casas Declines Festival of the Word Tribute


The fifth edition of Puerto Rico’s Festival de la Palabra 2014 [Festival of the Word 2014] will be held October 15 to 19, 2014. Renowned playwright Myrna Casas has turned down a tribute to her work, which was slated as one of the scheduled activities of the Festival, in support of the employees of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP), who have filed complaints about incidents involving its new director, Dr. Lilliana Ramos.

The playwright said, “As I identify with the glorious past of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, now, sadly, I am disappointed by the current situation affecting our highest cultural institution.”

The fifth edition of the Festival of the Word, under the auspices of the ICP, will suffer from the absence of the poet, educator, theater director and producer Myrna Casas, whose recent play, “Voces” [Voices], was represented at the latest Arts Festival of the Center of Fine Arts of Santurce. Casas, considered to be the most representative voice of Puerto Rican feminist theater of the twentieth century, still remains active, as demonstrated by her latest drama, “Verano verano” [Summer Summer].

The letter of resignation to the tribute, directed to the organizer, writer Mayra Santos-Febres, tersely says: “I appreciate the honor bestowed by the 2014 Festival of the Word. Some time ago, I accepted this honor in answer to your kind phone call. Today, with the unfortunate scenario of resignations and layoffs that has affected fellow workers at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, I cannot but express my solidarity with them. Therefore, I must not accept the aforementioned homage.”

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