Photography Exhibition: “Colonial Comfort” in St. Croix

La Calle 4- LMorales

The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in Frederiksted, St. Croix, has an ongoing exhibition with an evocative name, “Colonial Comfort.” “Colonial Comfort” is a photography exhibition featuring the work of nine artists from Puerto Rico, and another nine from the United States Virgin Islands. The exhibition opened on September 19 and will be on view until November 20, 2014. The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts is located at 10 Strand Street and 62 King Street in Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI.

Curated by Lisa Ladner, “Colonial Comfort” features work by the following artists: ADÁL, ae.i.ou, Denise Bennerson, David Berg, Diane M. Butler, Nicole Canegata, Janet Cook-Rutnik, Lionel Cruet, Mónica Félix, Tina Henle, Liza Morales, Erik Miles, Ray Miles, Marta Mabel Pérez, Herminio Rodríguez, Steve Simonsen, William Stelzer, and Rebecca Zilenziger.

Related exhibition events included a fantastic seaside opening, a panel discussion (“An interdisciplinary look at (post-)colonialism”) with Roland Roebuck, participating artists, and Lisa Ladner (in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Islands, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences), and an artists’ roundtable. The organizers will also host the SBDC Workshop ( on Friday, November 14 (more details to be announced): “Leave the Comfort Zone: become an entrepreneur!”


About the exhibition:  Living in a “comfort zone” is an experience people on our Caribbean islands share with the rest of the world. The comfort zone is a state in which a person uses a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without taking risks. In the comfort zone you try to remain anxiety-neutral. While this strategy enables survival, settling for less can eventually lead to a fear driven, mediocre life that often comes with depression. Just outside of the comfort zone is a world of excitement, financial freedom, success and passion, a fulfilled life. But that can only be achieved by leaving the comfort zone, by experimenting with new behaviors.

Some of the images were done as part of commercial or editorial commissions, others were by-products of such assignments, and yet others were conceived as art works. This museum exhibition reveals the thin line between artistic, commercial, and editorial photography, and shows the power of the context in which an image is viewed.

[Top photo by Liza Morales; bottom, by Marta Mabel Pérez.]

To learn more, please visit or contact:
Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts
10 Strand Street & 62 King Street
Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI 00840
Phone: (340) 772-2622; Fax: (340) 772-2612

For more information, see

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